We got a great question from our contact page from a listener, Rich, so we decided to do a show on it.  Here’s Rich’s email to us:

Hi All,
Love the show; I download the (free!) podcasts from iTunes and I’m about halfway through.

Have you considered doing a show on point of view and tense? Like the advantages of using one perspective over another for various types of fiction? And then what tense to use and why? And why not — does genre dictate POV and tense? For example, I’ve noticed neo-noir by Will Christopher Baer is first person present — requirement of the genre or personal style?

just awesome, Rich

Tiffy and Thick GlassesThanks for the question, Rich!  It’s a good one that lots of writers struggle with.

On this episode, we tackle the dilemma of point of view and tense: which genres have POV trends or expectations, what advantages you get with plot and character through your choice of POV and tense,  how tense affects the kind of tension your story can cash in, and much more.

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 22 (coming soon)