Notebook, Water, Tide Pool

Sometimes there are just too many dishes in the sink to get that line of dialogue right. The TV is too loud to make that first sentence sing, you know? Real life. It gets in the way of Fictionland all too often.

But what if you want to get away from real life and crank on your books or stories for an extended period? What you need, friends, is a writing retreat.

This week on the show we talk about just such retreats. Jody comes to us on location with two friends she met a year ago at the Squaw Valley Writer’s Workshop. The three of them decided to put together a DIY retreat, a two-week writing stint working on a screenplay. It’s so intensive, they’re hoping to finish a very strong first draft by the end of it.

Tommy talks about his three sessions at the Vermont Studio Center, where writers and artists all come and work in proximity to each other, eat together, sometimes do the dishes to pay for their tuition, and influence each other’s work.

We discuss how to make the most of intensive writing time such as at a retreat, how to fit retreats into your regular life, what established retreats are looking for in the applications, how to structure your own DIY retreat, and lots more.

photoAnd speaking of DIY, Baker’s doing some serious demolition and remodeling of the house he just bought, so we’re totally gonna mail it in here on these show notes.
Please┬áhave a listen and enjoy, and if anybody feels like taking notes for us, well, I’ll be crawling around on my new kitchen floor peeling up old linoleum. ┬áLove y’all.