Baker’s haunted by the unfortunate photo session his grandmother made him do at age 12 (moussed, middle-parted haircut; paisley button-down; prominent zit). Tommy’s haunted by Mrs. Blythe’s third grade math class, where he was forced to display his difficulties with long-division over and over on the chalkboard. Jody? She doesn’t believe in ghosts.

For writers, our ghosts can give us plenty of writing material to make a career from. But they’re way more interesting when we think about the ghosts of a fictional character. Ghosts, baggage, demons, scars–call them whatever you want, but a character’s past is an important element in their development and realistic portrayal. Their past maybe shows up on the page in a flashback. Maybe it doesn’t show up at all, but the writer just knows it deep down and how it affects the character. Either way, the Hero’s Ghost is cool and something we have a good time jawing about in Episode 2.

Oh, and one more thing: BOO!


Coming soon, y’all…