When we talk in real life, we’re actually kind of awful at it.  We’re not that accurate.  We speak in fragments, we use the wrong words, we sputter and tangent and lose our train of thought.

But in fiction, we writers don’t get this luxury.  Dialogue in fiction has to be tight and snappy and drive the action forward.

In fiction, dialogue has to be more real than real life.

We spent this episode talking dialogue (talking about talking–we’re so meta).

But we got to lots of great stuff: how to create a genuine voice for your characters (hint: less is more); capturing the rhythm of dialogue that feels real (even though it’s nothing like how we really talk); how to combine dialogue with movement and action (and power-up the character development); and lots more (like how dialogue can use asides without these annoying parentheses!).

And also, late in the show Baker thinks he coins the word “soliloquize,” but alas.  It’s already a word.  Dang.

Jean Weil in ABC studio making international phone call

Dialogue, in the glamorous fashion of Fiction School. We TOTALLY podcast in suits and dresses. Totally.