You sit down to write your novel.  “Okay…” you think, “I’ve got a lot of story to tell.  But I’ve got sixty-thousand words to get there.  Shouldn’t be a problem.”

And you almost type something.  Then you don’t.  Then you think you might have a good idea, but it isn’t good enough.  Because you know the truth about starting: the first twelve words have to be SO GOOD that they make the reader read all sixty-thousand.

Then you look at that cursor, blinking at you, tapping its toes, waiting like an impatient metronome of monotonous, mutinous antimatter from the Muses and AARRRGGHHHARRWWAAAARRRRFFLLLLL!

Beginnings.  They’re tough to write.  Fiction School’s here to help.

In this episode, we talk about the connection between beginnings and writer’s block, the essential jobs the opening of a story or novel has to do, and tactics you can use write your way into your story, and lots more.