Hey there–long time no see…er, hear.  Yeah, the irreverent professors of Fiction School have been a bit erstwhile with our podcast of late.

If you gotta have a life jam, at least make sure it's a good story.

If you gotta have a life jam, at least make sure it’s a good story.

But we’ve got good reasons, y’all.  We’re busy putting out books and getting famous and drinking margaritas on the beach like the rockstar authors we are.  Yeah, totally.  That.

Really, we’re just plain ol’ boringly busy.  But that’s normal.  It’s normal to be so busy that the world seems aligned against your writing career.  So, we thought we’d do a show on that.  And by “we” we mean “Baker,” because we’ve been so busy we can’t even get our schedules lined up to tape a show together.

But we want to keep Fiction School going, so here’s a show in the meantime until we get so rich and famous as authors that we can do whatever we want whenever we want.  Any day now, I’m thinking.

But we’re not there yet, so we’re mailing it in on these show notes–it’s a short, fun show, though, so have a listen!

On this episode, Baker flies solo (sorry, so sorry…) and talks about that busy life stuff that keeps us from writing, and tells the story (and even plays the tape) of him reading some fiction he wrote as a way to get out of a life jam.  We hope you like it.  And we hope Baker doesn’t have to fly solo all that often.