If you’ve come here looking for a highfalutin mission statement to make us seem like Gods at the Keyboard? Sorry, bud. (I mean, we are, but…)

(And anyway, we’re fiction writers, so we’d probably be lying.)

Fiction School is here to help you become a better creative writer, no matter where you are with your writing, no matter if you can afford to take a class or not.  We believe that your writing is important, and that telling good stories matters.

But we don’t take ourselves too seriously about it, either.  Because telling stories, as important as the act is, is a hell of a lot of fun.  Or it had better be, if you want people to read your writing.

We’re storytellers.  We’re professors who love to talk about and teach writing.  We’re writers, too.  (Award-winning, published ones, matter of fact, Jack.) 

So if we have to write down a mantra or a mission statement or something?  Well, let’s go with:

Fiction School is on a mission to help you have serious fun writing your best stuff.

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Now, who’s in charge here?  Who the hell knows.  But the three culprits professors behind Fiction School are:

author photo 128128Baker Lawley is the author of Stealing the Show, The Battle Hymn Blues, The Man Who Invented Writing, and more.  A native of Alabama with a good dose of ol’ Southern storyteller in him, he now teaches at Gustavus Adolphus College and lives in Minneapolis.  He’s the editor of Razor Literary Magazine and he’s also HQ for the Fiction School podcast, down in his dungeon basement with all the equipment, the landlord’s weird purple walls, and the funky pictures that help him write good stories.

 Razor Lit Mag | Follow Baker | Baker’s Books

jodyJody Gehrman has authored eleven published novels and numerous plays for stage and
screen. Her debut suspense novel, Watch Me, is published by St. Martin’s Press. Her
Young Adult novel, Babe in Boyland, won the International Reading Association’s Teen
Choice Award and was optioned by the Disney Channel. Jody’s plays have been
produced or had staged readings in Ashland, New York, SanFrancisco, Chicago and L.A.
Her newest full-length, TribalLife in America, won the Ebell Playwrights Prize and
will receive a staged reading at the historic Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. She and her
partner David Wolf won the New Generation Playwrights Award for their one-act, Jake
Savage, Jungle P.I. She holds a Masters Degree in Professional Writing from the
University of Southern California and is a professor of Communications at Mendocino
College in Northern California.

Jody’s Website | Contact & FollowJody’s Books

tommyTommy Zurhellen is the author of two novels, Nazareth, North Dakota, the sequel Apostle Islandsas well as the forthcoming third book in the Messiah Trilogy, Armageddon, Texasalong with numerous short stories and essays in literary journals like Carolina Quarterly, Quarterly West, Appalachee Review and South Dakota Review. He likes to write fiction because he likes to make things up. He grew up in New York City, and after moving around from Seattle to Alabama and parts unknown, he now lives in upstate New York.  He hangs out in places like the VFW and the Fish House. If you don’t know to get to the Fish House, well, you probably don’t belong there.

Tommy’s WebsiteContact & FollowTommy’s Books


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